crew necks for railway city brewing company

Project Description: Railway City Brewing Crew Necks Project

Project Undertaken by: IMAGELINE

Location: 21 Currah Rd, St Thomas, ON.

The Railway City Brewing Crew Necks project was a creative collaboration between IMAGELINE and Railway City Brewing Co. It aimed to create unique, personalised crew necks that capture the essence of the brand.

Project Description:

IMAGELINE took the lead in the ideation, designing, and production of bespoke crew necks, tailored specifically for the Railway City Brewing Co. Inspired by the proud beer-brewing heritage of St. Thomas and the distinctive identity of the brewery, the newly designed crew necks incorporated the key elements of the brand’s image – the railway theme and its historic beer lore.

With meticulous attention to detail, the crew necks were designed to encapsulate the brand’s robust character. Using high-quality fabrics, the crew necks boasted of an impeccable finish, ensuring comfort while reflecting the brand's ethos.

This not only fortified the brewing company’s branding and promotional activities but also succeeded in creating apparel that the beer-loving community of St. Thomas could wear and feel a sense of pride in.

Conclusion: In line with IMAGELINE’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to our clients' needs, the Railway City Brewing Crew Necks project was successfully completed, resulting in a product that perfectly encapsulates the Railway City Brewing Co.’s spirit.

Project Info

  • Nov 09, 2023

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